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Cliven Bundy to Buy Clippers

Infamous rancher to buy Los Angeles Clippers for one million cattle “I’ve always been a huge fan of Donald Sterling.”

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Is George Zimmerman Too Fat for Dancing with the Stars?

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KKK, NAACP Hammer Out Consensus Statement on Race

Thus far, the statement seeking common ground reads: “Whites are supreme; no they aren’t.”

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Muhammad Ali Converts To Judaism, Changes Name To Irving Greenbaum

LOUISVILLE – Over four decades after he shook up the world by converting to Islam, sixty-eight year old former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali announced yesterday that he is changing religions – and names – once again.  This time, he’s embracing

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King Features Syndicate Reveals New “Mary Worth” Strip in Which Mary Has Coffee With the Prophet Mohammed

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Carbolic/Comedy Central Exclusive: First Look at Next Week’s South Park Episode, “Mohammed Returns”

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Mrs. Obama’s War On Obese Children To “Make Example” of Spanky McFarland

  Beloved “Little Rascals” star shipped to Gitmo for waterboarding, sweat lodge ceremony

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GOP Leaders Call for James Cameron to Step Down as King of the World, Say “Unfair Double Standard” Allowed Director to Create Na’vi Dialect

“Trent Lott never would have been able to get away with that,” said party chairman Michael Steele

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Bela Lugosi: “Let’s Get the Old Gang Together and Remake ‘Twilight’ the Right Way!”

Commentary by Carbolic Smoke Ball Guest Critic Bela Lugosi In three weeks, the pea-brained, estrogen-poisoned teenage girls of America will be flocking to see the next abomination in the “Twilight Saga,” which they’ve deluded themselves into thinking are vampire flicks. The “Twilight” films

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Kanye West Apologizes for Rudeness to Head Caucasian, Kevin Costner

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Kanye West Crashes Hillary Clinton Speech

Angry rapper grabs mic, insists Beyonce should have been named Secretary of State

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Coroner Declares Jackson “King of Prop”

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The 4,000 Jews Who Failed to Show Up For Work at the World Trade Center on September 11th are Spotted Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock

Arabs wonder, “What are those sneaky Jews up to now?”

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Chris Brown Videotapes Apology to Rihanna

“Bitch better accept it, or else!” says contrite rapper

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Carbolic Exclusive Photo: Michael Jackson’s Former Lovers Line Up for Memorial Service

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Obama Apologizes To, Calls For Dialogue With, Romulans

“I intend to take our ‘Blame America First’ program where no man has gone before.”

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Supreme Court Calls New Star Trek Flick “Totally Bitchin”

WASHINGTON – The United States Supreme Court issued its long-awaited opinion on the new Star Trekmovie yesterday. The verdict: Totally Bitchin. The decision was released following a special matinee showing of the blockbuster hit at a downtown multiplex attended by all nine justices. Writing

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Music World Scandal: Homely Singing Phenom Susan Boyle Lip-Syncs to Voice of “Little Ugly Girl” From Beijing Olympics

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Chris Brown Pleads “Not Guilty” to Felony Assault, Guilty to “Bitch-Slappin’ That Ho”

“That ain’t a crime. That’s just keepin’ it real,” R&B singer says

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Star of “Guiding Light” for 72 Years Laments Show’s Passing

NEW YORK – CBS is ending the legendary 72-year run of the granddaddy of all soap operas, “Guiding Light,” which began as a 15-minute serial on NBC Radio on Jan. 25, 1937.  The show fell victim to changing viewer habits.

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