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Angela Merkel injured in skiing accident, NSA credited as first responder

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Conservatives’ Greatest Fears Realized as Dog Marries Blender on Supreme Court Steps

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Pope/Palin Form Exploratory Committee, Eyeing 2016 Run

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Boehner, Pelosi Engage in Friendly Game of Whac-A-Mole

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Obama Says Goodbye To Martha’s Vineyard, Captain Quint Tells Him To Stay The Course

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KKK, NAACP Hammer Out Consensus Statement on Race

Thus far, the statement seeking common ground reads: “Whites are supreme; no they aren’t.”

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New Law Makes It A Crime To Ask ‘Is It Hot Enough For Ya?’

WASHINGTON – Congress passed emergency legislation yesterday making it a Federal offence for anyone residing east of the Mississippi river to inquire of anyone whether or not the temperature outside is agreeable.  The law will remain in effect for the duration of

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Kagan Surprises Senate Judiciary Committee With Home Made Cookies

WASHINGTON – Elena Kagan, President Obama’s choice to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens on the United States Supreme Court, moved one step closer to confirmation yesterday when she surprised the Senate Judiciary Committee with two dozen freshly baked cookies. Senator Jeff

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Jack Bauer Hired As Census Taker

WASHINGTON – Jack Bauer, the rogue government agent who plays by his own rules, has been given one final mission: obtain one hundred per cent compliance for the United States Census Bureau. “Title 13 of the United States Code requires your response,” Bauer

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Democrats Who Voted For Health Reform Putting Affairs in Order

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democratic Congressional leaders admitted for the first time that they are “extremely pessimistic” about the reelection prospects of most House members who voted in favor of health care reform last night.  The leaders have retained high-powered attorney Tom Hagen to advise pro-health care

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Obama Announces New Strategy To Pass Health Care Reform: “Ramming speed, Nancy!”


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Transcript of Obama Health Care Summit

OBAMA:  I hoped that we would come here and reason together. And as a reasonable man I’m willing to do whatever’s necessary to find a peaceful solution to these problems. After all, when did I ever refuse an accommodation? All of

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Obama Unveils More Sophisticated Rival to Tea Party Movement: ‘The Long Island Iced Tea Party Movement’

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Close-Up Reveals Palin Wrote Note to Remind Her to Tell Joke

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Obama Puts on New Face to Salvage Presidency

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Obama Fires Geithner on Way to Podium to Deliver State of the Union Address

Ex-Treasury Secretary disrupts speech gathering his belongings on way out of chamber.

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In Wake of Massachusetts Election, Health Reform Troubles, Sinking Approval Ratings, Former President Reaches Out to Obama: “You’re Doing a Heckuva Job, Blackie”

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Obama Calls On David Plouffe to Clean Up His Political Problems

Transcript of private meeting between President Obama, White House senior advisor David Axelrod, and former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, who was brought back to jumpstart Obama’s presidency: PLOUFFE:  . . . What you’re going to do immediately is ram health care down

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GM Recalls 2005 Canyon Pick Ups, Scott Brown Stranded in Massachusetts

Obama pleads ignorance: “Just because I’m in charge of General Motors doesn’t mean I necessarily knew about this recall.”

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Scott Brown Auctions Off Daughters

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