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Alvin Found Dead in London Hotel Room, Chipmunks Cancel Remainder of European Tour

LONDON – Alvin, the so-called “cute” Chipmunk, was found dead in his London hotel room this morning following a night of debauchery with his German girlfriend. According to toxicology reports released by Alvin’s personal veterinarian, the singing rodent died in

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Jerry Lewis Telethon Sets Record: 512 Maudlin Moments

Jerry Lewis and the corpse of Ed McMahon celebrate the new record.

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Jerry Lewis Still Doing Telethon – Because No One Has the Heart to Tell Him Muscular Dystrophy Was Cured 15 Years Ago

LAS VEGAS – Comic legend Jerry Lewis, 84, finished his annual Labor Day telethon to benefit Muscular Dystrophy — because no one has the heart to tell him the dreaded disease was cured fifteen years ago. Lewis thinks his annual telethon raises

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Creators Of “Lost” Hired To Devise Satisfying Conclusion To Oil Spill Disaster

HOLLYWOOD – British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward announced yesterday that the company has abandoned efforts to cap the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and, instead, has hired Damen Lindelof and Carlton Cuse to devise a conclusion to the ecological

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Critics Pan “CSI Des Moines”

HOLLYWOOD –  The fall television season is more than four months away but that didn’t stop television critics from savaging an advanced screening of the newest entry in the popular CSI franchise:  “CSI Des Moines.” According to the CBS press

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Study: Listening to Mozart Causes Intense Jealously, Feelings of Mediocrity, Among Rivals

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Carbolic Flashback: May 19, 1945: Three Stooges Meet Gandhi, Debate Merits of Non-Violent Resistance

HOLLYWOOD – Mohandas K. Gandhi, bespectacled leader of the Indian independence movement, visited the Three Stooges on the set of their latest Columbia Studio picture, “Sari Saps,” yesterday and challenged the boys to use his theory of non-violent resistance in their act. “I’m taking a

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King Features Syndicate Reveals New “Mary Worth” Strip in Which Mary Has Coffee With the Prophet Mohammed

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Carbolic/Comedy Central Exclusive: First Look at Next Week’s South Park Episode, “Mohammed Returns”

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Titanic Sank Faster Than Previously Believed, Director James Cameron Ordered to Trim 15 Minutes From His Epic “Titanic” To Keep It Accurate

FALMOUTH, Mass. – The discovery of two large pieces of Titanic’s hull on the ocean’s floor indicates that the fabled ocean liner sank faster than previously believed, by about 15 minutes, experts revealed on the anniversary of the famous ship’s collision

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TV Highlights: “The Man Who Shot Lincoln,” Starring Burt “Boy Wonder” Ward

Actor’s insistence on playing John Wilkes Booth in “Robin” costume mars documentary HOLLYWOOD – “The Man Who Shot Lincoln” airing tonight, the anniversary of the death of America’s 16th President, is a gritty and shockingly realistic portrayal of the events leading

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Abraham Zapruder Returns to Dealey Plaza For Erykah Badu Nude Video Shoot

DALLAS – Abraham Zapruder, 104, the Dallas women’s clothing manufacturer who famously filmed the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza, was lured out of retirement to film a nude music video for Erykah Badu at the spot where the president was

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Carbolic Flashback: March 30, 1955 – Jay Silverheels, Worried About Typecasting, Will Leave The Lone Ranger After This Season

LOS ANGELES – Variety  is reporting that Jay Silverheels, long-time co-star of the popular Western television show “The Lone Ranger,” will leave the program after this season. According to the show-biz Bible, Mr. Silverheels is worried that audiences will forever identify

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Quality of 2010’s Celebrity Deaths ‘Very Disappointing’

Earlier this week, former I Spy star Robert Culp joined a cavalcade of Hollywood has beens, including Peter Graves, Fess Parker, and Corey Haim, who have passed away in 2010.  Entertainment experts say the rash of deaths of “celebrities” whose fame peaked decades ago is

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Hugh Hefner Announces That He Is A Sex Addict, Will Seek Treatment At Undisclosed Clinic

BEVERLY HILLS – A tearful Hugh Hefner, founder of the Playboy empire and apostle of the Playboy lifestyle, announced yesterday at a news conference that he is entering a clinic to help him battle the scourge of sex addiction. “Many of

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Our Teen Film Critic Blogs From The Oscars

Commentary by Carbolic Smoke Ball Teen Film Critic, Noah Swayne, Jr. Hey, dudes, I’m chillaxin here at the kewl Oscars Governors Ball, chowing down sushi, poached shrimp, lobster tails and mussels. Some old lady — she must be 32 – iced out

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Police Alarmed By Message From Capitol Records Tower

Police say they are alarmed that the blinking light atop the iconic Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood stopped spelling out “HOLLYWOOD” in Morse code sometime over the weekend and started spelling out “HELP THEY’RE GOING TO KILL ME.”

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Sea World Assures Trainers: ‘It Will Be Safe To Do Act With Killer Whale on Fridays in Lent’

“The whale is Catholic, so he won’t eat you on Fridays in Lent.”

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Most Popular New Defense for Bank Robbery: ‘I Thought I Was In Rip Torn’s House’

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Mrs. Obama’s War On Obese Children To “Make Example” of Spanky McFarland

  Beloved “Little Rascals” star shipped to Gitmo for waterboarding, sweat lodge ceremony

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