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2010 Commemorative Mardi Gras Prints Now Available: “Peeing on Bourbon Street”

Relive the glorious Mardi Gras season with this limited edition print by famed New Orleans painter Noah Swayne, “Peeing on Bourbon Street.” This delightful depiction of three frat brothers publicly urinating can be yours for just $299.  This is the companion piece

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Flashback: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Precursor to ‘Fallingwater’ – A House Built Atop A Mine Fire With Flames Shooting From It

Wright decided fire “wasn’t the way to go” when his creation burned to a crisp less than an hour after it was built.  “Maybe water will work better.” PITTSBURGH – It is the stuff of legend how acclaimed architect Frank

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Slumdog Millionaire Sequel Coming Soon

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Obama Publishes First Presidential Memoir

Random House announces follow-up, to be published next month

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“My Special Guest Tonight: Heather Mills”

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Opening Today at the Carbolic Theater…

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“Frost/Nixon” Star: “No Problem” With Nude Scene

HOLLYWOOD – Frank Langella, star of the critically acclaimed film “Frost/Nixon,” said he had no qualms at all about shooting the now famous nude scene for director Ron Howard. Mr. Langella plays former President Richard M. Nixon.  “I’ve never had any problems going

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Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

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“So funny… A great book… A tremendous book… As good as anything out there.”

Pittsburgh radio icons Jim Krenn and Randy Baumann said that and more about the brand-new Carbolic Smoke Ball book, ZOMBIES ATE MY HEADLINES, on yesterday’s WDVE Morning Show.   Hear their raves, find out more about the book, and be

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Long Lost Mozart Composition Found, Sounds Exactly Like Miley Cyrus’ “See You Again”

Salieri’s descendant says “it stinks” PARIS – Experts in Germanic music of the late 18th Century concluded that a composition discovered in a French library was written in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s own hand between 1787 and 1791, and that in every detail — from

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“American Idol” to Add Fourth Judge

NEW YORK, NY – Move over, Simon Cowell.  “American Idol” is adding another caustic critic to its panel of judges. Crusading jurist and bon vivant Judge Rufus Peckham will sit alongside Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson when the eighth season of

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Portrait of Woman Revealed Beneath Van Gogh’s Face

AMSTERDAM – A high-tech x-ray spectroscopy today revealed a previously unknown portrait of a woman by Vincent van Gogh under the dead painter’s face. Van Gogh’s body was exhumed because of long-held suspicions that “something was under his face,” said noted

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Isaac Hayes Dead; Obama Campaign Relieved

“That’s one black person we won’t have to worry about renouncing someday,” said Obama campaign manager David Plouffe.

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