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Scenes From the Olympics: Queen Gets Tipsy, Mistakes US Ambassador for President Obama

“And I’m glad to see you’re not looking quite so black tonight, Mr. President.  You really ought to ditch the negro girl.”

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Scenes from the Olympics: Princess Anne Released from Tower of London for Opening Ceremony

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Michael Phelps Blown Out, ABC News Speculates on Tea Party Connection

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First Olympic Event: Teens Selected by Lottery Compete in Televised Battle to the Death

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Disturbing YouTube Video Shows International Olympic Committee Terrorizing Homeless Man With Olympic Torch

LONDON – The International Olympic Committee is being questioned in connection with a barbaric three-minute video that appeared on YouTube over the weekend showing more than three dozen Olympic Committee members taunting and terrorizing a homeless man with the iconic Olympic Torch. A

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Breaking News: Mama’s Little Baby No Longer Loves Shortnin’ Bread

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NCAA Imprisons Paterno Statue, JoePa’s Likeness Attacked By Other Statues in Shower

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ABC News Holds Prayer Vigil, Asks God to Make ‘Batman’ Shooter a Tea Party Member

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Bernie Madoff Files Motion for New Trial Citing the ‘Obama Defense’

  “Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC?  I didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

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Obama Bombshell: ‘Wizard of Oz was Major Political Influence’

WASHINGTON – In an exclusive interview on The View yesterday, President Barack Obama revealed that the Wizard of Oz’s teachings were a significant influence on his political thinking and that he has largely modeled his administration’s agenda on them. Mr. Obama said he got

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A Few Revisions Needed

Dear Victor, Thank you for considering our publishing house for your manuscript of Les Miserables. (That is the working title, correct? You’re going to come up with something easier to pronounce in the final draft, I assume.) Unfortunately, we find

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The Dining Column

Il Cucina Mordita, 7th and Main. (Existentialist Fusion. Lunch $25-35, dinner $75-120. Atmosphere: casual.) The most striking thing about Hermann and Xantippe Kloob’s newest entry into the chef-owned genre of intimate American fusion cuisine is the twin severed heads adorning

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Ask a physicist

Q. I recently discovered a Higgs boson particle behind my sofa. My first thought was to sweep it into a small pan and release it outside, but my wife says they are very rare and that there is no assurance

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God Finds Peter Higgs Particle

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Sheriff Andy Taylor is Dead at 86

Beloved lawman’s reputation marred by his role as instigator of Rodney King beating

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