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Pharaoh Summons Charlton Heston Back To Egypt To Quell Unrest

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Boehner Reveals What Biden Whispered to Him During State of the Union

“Nancy, whatever it is you’re doing to yourself, keep it up. You look great!”

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Chicago High Court Orders Rahm Emanuel Back on Ballot

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Biden’s ‘Laugh Intern’ Repeatedly Gave the VP Wrong Cues Throughout the State of the Union Address

Vice President guffaws at President’s call for investment in biomedical research.

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Exercise ‘Guru’ Jack LaLanne is Dead at 96: Much Good Did Healthy Living Do Him!

Commentary by Carbolic Smoke Ball Editor Rufus Peckham:  This past Monday, American fitness “guru” Jack LaLanne succumbed to — guess what? — pneumonia.  Dead at 96. I hate to be the guy who says, “I told you so!” but, I

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Roethlisberger Accusers Spotted Exiting Bar After Steelers Win Over Jets

“They looked really pissed,” said unnamed source.  

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50 Years Ago: Only One Guest Owned His Own Top Hat For JFK’s Inauguration

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Obama: Civil Discourse Requires Scrapping Expression ‘I Need That Like I Need A Hole In The Head’

Arizona rampage mandates change in every aspect of our lives, Prez says

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Paramount: Loughner ‘Out’ As Uncle Fester in ‘Addams’ Remake

HOLLYWOOD – Paramount Pictures gave Jared Loughner the heave-ho today and told him he won’t be playing Uncle Fester in the upcoming Addams Family remake. “We decided that with Jared’s shooting rampage last Saturday, he brings too much baggage to the role,” said Paramount President

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Poll: Who Is Responsible For Jared Loughner’s Shooting Rampage?

1.  Sarah Palin – 43% 2.  Tea Party – 34% 3. Jared Loughner’s favorite video “Bodies” by Drowning Pool -21% 4.  Jared Loughner – 2%

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Keith Olbermann Connects Arizona Violence to Moe Howard

NEW YORK – In the wake of the Tucson, Arizona shooting that left 19 dead or wounded, political pundit Keith Olbermann called on Moe Howard, leader of the American comedy troupe The Three Stooges, to “repudiate his part in amplifying violence

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House Dems Find GOP Reading of Constitution A Jarring Experience

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Boehner, Pelosi Engage in Friendly Game of Whac-A-Mole

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Tippi Hedren Named A Person Of Interest in Mass Bird Deaths

HOLLYWOOD – American actress Tippi Hedren will be formally questioned by authorities investigating the mass bird deaths in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Sweden. Ms. Hedren “has an ax to grind” with birds ever since she was subjected to a series of avian

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Christian Group Cites Proof That World Will End Soon

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