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Another WikiLeaks Release of Secret Documents Embarrasses U.S. Diplomats

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TSA Claims New Hires, Revised Screening Procedures Working Out “Very Well”

Agency spokesman says 70% of all male travelers now “asking for a re-check”

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Stores Already Decorated For Christmas 2011

NEW YORK – America’s leading retail outlets are all decorated for Christmas — Christmas 2011, that is. “Because stores start decorating earlier and earlier every year, it was bound to happen that eventually they would start decorating in the previous

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TSA Float Makes Debut At Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Ask Our Expert

I recently returned from a convention in Coeur d’Aline, Idaho, and discovered that someone had tattooed a swastika on my right buttock. I have no idea who might have done this and suspect my privacy might have been violated whilst

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Abraham Zapruder Still Heads to Dealey Plaza Every Day, Waiting to Film Trouble

Abraham Zapruder, who captured the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy in a famous home movie, reports to Dealey Plaza every day with movie camera in hand, manning the same perch on the grassy knoll where he was standing

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President John F. Kennedy was evicted from Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas this morning because, the hospital said, his health insurance lapsed. Until this morning, Kennedy was widely believed to have died at the hospital on November 22, 1963 after

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Carbolic Smoke Ball Flashback: November 22, 1963: The Film Review Lee Harvey Oswald Was Writing at the Time of His Arrest

After President Kennedy was shot, his assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was captured inside the Texas Theater in Dallas watching a motion picture called “War is Hell.”  Here is the film review Oswald was writing at the time of his capture:  ONE

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TSA Ad Campaign To Emphasize Customer Satisfaction After Full Body Searches

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“If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.”

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TSA Instructs Male Airline Passengers To ‘Fluff Up’ Their Junk For Full Body Scan

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Transportation Security Administration personnel have been ordered to instruct male airline passengers to “fluff up” their junk before undergoing whole-body imaging scanning at airports.  The TSA said some airports will have male exotic dancers standing by to provide professional “how to” advice.

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Man Buys JFK Limo, Sues Seller After Carfax Reveals It Was Involved in Presidential Assassination

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Democratic Party Commits Mass Suicide

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Giants Win World Series, San Francisco Goes Crazy

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