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Fisher-Price Recalls 10 Million Toys Following Complaints They Are ‘Not Particularly Fun’

WASHINGTON — Toy manufacturer Fisher-Price announced Thursday that it has recalled about 10 million toys because they are dull and not particularly fun. Among products recalled were small cylindrical figures with round heads that are supposed to represent humans even

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VP Biden Tries To Talk Would-Be Jumper Out Of Whining About Obama

NEW YORK – Vice President Biden was summoned to the George Washington Bridge yesterday afternoon to try to talk Noah Swayne, 33, who was perched high above the Hudson River preparing to jump, out of whining about President Obama. Swayne,

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‘Curse of Titanic’ Claims Another Victim: 114-Year-Old Rose DeWitt Bukator

NEW YORK – Rose DeWitt Bukator, believed to be one of the last two survivors from the sinking of the Titanicin 1912, has died in New York at age 114. The last English survivor, Lillian Gertrud Asplund, died in London last year at

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Supreme Court Holds Riot Act Unconstitutional, Can’t Be Read To Anyone Again

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a 5-4 decision, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Riot Act  is unconstitutional and can’t be read to anyone again. Family law experts said the ruling will strip parents of one of their most important disciplinary weapons. In

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Ahmadinejad Reveals ‘Smoking Gun’ Photo To Prove U.S. Involvement in 9/11

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Tom Robinson’s Widow Sues Atticus Finch For Botching Trial

MAYCOMB COUNTY, Ala. – Helen Robinson has filed a malpractice suit against legal crusader Atticus Finch in connection with Mr. Finch’s unsuccessful defense of her late husband, Tom Robinson, on a bogus rape charge lodged by local prevaricator Mayella Ewell. “I’m suing his ass,” Mrs. Robinson

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Obama’s One Man Show ‘Satchmo’ Headed For Broadway

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The 4,000 Jews Who Failed To Show Up For Work at World Trade Center on 9/11 Believed To Be With Trapped Chilean Miners

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Man Says 13,000-Year-Old Tools Unearthed in His Backyard Are The Only Ones That Can Fix His Ford Pinto

DENVER – Landscapers digging a hole for a fish pond in Noah Swayne’s back yard last week heard a “chink” that turned out to be a cache of 13,000-year-old tools buried by ancient ice age hunter-gatherers. Swayne immediately grabbed a few

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Sotheby’s Auctions Off Christie’s As Nasty Prank

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Pittsburgh Pizza Shop Owner Releases “Gut-Wrenching” Tapes of September 11 Telephone Orders

PITTSBURGH – Ron Jones, owner of Ron’s Pizza in Pittsburgh, announced today that he is making public “gut wrenching” tape recordings of telephone orders placed to his pizza shop on September 11, 2001.  None of the callers lived in New York

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Iran signs Randy Johnson for Stoning of Female Adulterer

Former MLB Fireballer promises to thow rocks in excess of 100 mph

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Quran Burning Pastor Named Spokesman For Kingford® Charcoal Lighter Fluid

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Florida pastor Terry Jones, set to burn Islam’s holy book on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks, has been named spokesman for Kingford® Charcoal Lighter Fluid.  Kingford® chairman Bradleys Roadhouse said that “nobody in recent times has

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Flashback: 2005: Jerry Lewis Accuses Ten-Year-Old Katrina and Muscular Dystrophy Victim of ‘Telethon Double-Dipping’

Lewis: “I’m ashamed that Joey is crippled” NEW ORLEANS – When ten-year old muscular dystrophy victim Joey Smith was stranded with thousands of other New Orleans refugees in the Superdome last week in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, his wheelchair-bound

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Jerry Lewis Telethon Sets Record: 512 Maudlin Moments

Jerry Lewis and the corpse of Ed McMahon celebrate the new record.

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Jerry Lewis Still Doing Telethon – Because No One Has the Heart to Tell Him Muscular Dystrophy Was Cured 15 Years Ago

LAS VEGAS – Comic legend Jerry Lewis, 84, finished his annual Labor Day telethon to benefit Muscular Dystrophy — because no one has the heart to tell him the dreaded disease was cured fifteen years ago. Lewis thinks his annual telethon raises

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Honesty No Longer Best Policy

Honor goes to Purell instant hand sanitizer

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Obama Approval Rating Dips: 48 Percent of Voters ‘Sick and Tired’ That He’s Black

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Former Pres. Bush Gets Ready To Watch Obama’s Speech on End of Iraq War

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