Obama Speech to Students Sent Out Hidden Communist Message Via High Frequency

obama-480aWASHINGTON – Even adults who give the Obama administration low marks initially praised the President’s address to school children, which stressed the importance of staying in school. 

But public opinion turned on the President when it was later revealed that during the speech, the White House emitted an ultra high-pitch frequency only children and teenagers can hear that was filled with Communist propaganda. 

“We have determined that the sound was in the 24000 Hz range, and virtually no adult, much less a stodgy member of the GOP, could hear it,” explained Dr. Noah Swayne, Director of the Hoboken Medical Center Audiology Department.  “We have deciphered the sound, and it is a screechy woman’s voice reading quotations from [Communist guru] Karl Marx.  We think it was Hillary.”

Vice President Biden defended the White House’s action.  “Hell, forget Karl Marx, did you know that if you play the speech backwards, you can hear the President say ‘Paul is Dead’?  That is so cool.”

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